Guidelines to obtain Indian Visa
  • Foreign Nationals desirous of coming into India are required to possess a valid passport of their country and a valid Indian Visa

  • There is no provision of 'Visa on Arrival' in India and no fee is charged for immigration facilities at the airports. Foreign passengers should ensure that they are in possession of valid Indian Visa before they start their journey to India except nationals of Nepal and Bhutan who do not require visa to enter India and nationals of Maldives who do not require visa for entry in India for a period up to 90 days (a separate Visa regime exists for diplomatic / official passport holders)

  • Visa fees are non-refundable and subject to change without notice

  • The High Commission reserves the right on granting and deciding type/duration of visa irrespective of the fees tendered at the time of making application.

  • Granting of Visa does not confer the right of entry to India and is subject to the discretion of the Immigration Authorities

Ministry Approvals for conference visa
Documents Required
Tourist Visa 6 months Docs supporting the applicant's financial standing
Business Visa One or more years Letter from the sponsoring organisation
Transit Visa Maximum For 15 Days Evidence of onward travel to a destination outside India
Conference Visa For the duration of the conference or seminar Letter of invitation from the organiser of the conference

Official Invitation
A letter of invitation can be generated through the online registration gateway once you have successfully completed your registration. At the end of the process you will see a button labeled Invitation letter, by clicking this button you can generate your personalized invitation letter with the name, address and 10IKC conveners signature in a pdf format. In case you face difficulties kindly write to us at [email protected]

However, this invitation implies no obligation, financial, visa or otherwise, by the 10IKC 2012 Organizing Committee.

Visa Application Form:

Visa application form is available at the office of Indian Embassy in the country where the NRI/PIO resides. Visa form for nationals of Pakistan and Bangladesh are generally different. All NRIs/PIOs, including children (who don't possess OCI or PIO card) need to apply for Visa in separate visa forms.

Procedure for obtaining Visa

Visas can be applied for in person or by post at the High Commission of India based in the country from where the candidate intends to depart for India. Specific visas are granted for a variety of purposes that are aforementioned.

Requirements for Visa

Generally the following documents are required for obtaining Indian Visa. However, the requirement may vary from country to country.

  • Original passport valid for at least 6 months

  • Visa fee

  • Two passport size photographs

  • Supporting documents, where necessary

  • Duly completed application form

Visa for NRIs and PIOs

Persons of Indian Origins and Non-Resident Indians who possess either OCI (Overseas Indian Citizenship) or PIO card don't need Indian Visa. OCI and PIO give them the freedom to visit India without visa. OCI and PIO cards are multi-purpose lifelong visa for visiting India. However, those NRIs and PIOs who don't have OCI or PIO card can apply for and get Indian visa through the procedure mentioned above.

Points to remember:
  • Application: Complete the online India Visa Application. After the application has been completed, you must print and sign the application.

  • Passport: Passport must have a minimum validity of six months from the date of application with at least two blank visa pages. Last 2 amendment pages are not acceptable. Must be the actual passport not a copy.

  • Photographs: 2 latest identical passport size photographs (black/white or color) depicting front pose against light background on photographic paper.

  • Proof of Address: Applicants must submit a photocopy with proof of residence/address while applying for the visa. Photocopy of driver license or utility bill must be submitted. For minors, a parent or guardian proof of address may be submitted instead.

  • Green Card Holders: Applicants who are not Citizens of USA, but hold long term US visa or a Green Card should submit a copy of the visa or the Green Card. Do not send the original Permanent Residence Card/Green Card.

  • Short Term Visa Holders: Applicants who are not citizens/residents of the USA and hold a tourist or other short-term visa for the USA should normally apply for Indian visas in the country of their permanent residence. In case of emergency or special circumstance, an application could be made at the Indian Embassy in Washington DC or Consulates General of India in the USA. In addition to the relevant visa fee there is a reference fee of $20.00 for reference to be made to the country of their original residence. The processing time in such cases is usually 5-7 working days. (Non US Citizens - Short Term Visa Holders Only)

  • Special Pakistan Application: In addition to the requirements above, Special Visa application form ( should be filled in by citizens of Pakistan (4 copies with 4 photos). (Pakistan Citizens Only)

  • Special Bangladesh Application:
    In addition to the requirements above, Special Visa application form ( should be filled in by citizens of Bangladesh (2 copies with 2 photos). (Bangladesh Citizens Only)

  • Persons of Indian Origin:
    Applicants born in India applying for the first time on ANY U.S. passport must submit their Indian passport OR submit their expired US passport with a previously issued Indian visa. In addition, a completed Renunciation Form must be submitted ( (United States Citizens Only)

  • Dual Citizenship: Applicants who have dual citizenship with the US and another country must apply on their US passport if living in the US.

Non-refundable tickets or reservations should not be purchased until all visas and passports are secured and in your possession.