The 10th International Kimberlite Conference will be adopting the pattern of 8th International Kimberlite Conference regarding abstracts and their publications. Following are the themes under which abstract can be submitted.

1. Kimberlite Geology
2. Origin, evolution and emplacement of kimberlites and related rocks
3. Petrology and geochemistry of metasomatised lithospheric mantle magmas
4. Diamond Exploration
5. Cratonic Roots
6. Diamonds
7. Diamond Mining and sustainable developments
8. Policies and governance of diamond exploration

    Following three types of abstract submissions are envisaged.

  1. Preliminary Short Abstract: These are the basis for acceptance of the contribution for oral or poster presentation (but not for publication).
  2. Final Short Abstract: Minor modifications of the Preliminary Short Abstract, such as typos or grammer, are allowed; however changes to scientific content are not permitted. Final Short Abstracts will be posted on the web page prior to the conference.
  3. Long Abstract: These are for distribution to delegates in CD ROM/Memory stick.

When submitting abstracts please follow the guidelines carefully

Preliminary Short Abstract Guideline
Final Short Abstract Guideline
Long Abstract Guideline

Important dates for Abstract Submission
Submission of Preliminary Short Abstract February 1st 2011
End of submission of Preliminary Short Abstract May 1st 2011
Notification of acceptance of Prelim Short Abstract June 1st 2011
Submission of Final Short Abstract starts July 1st 2011
Submission of Final Short Abstract End October 1st 2011
Submission of Extended Abstract July 1st 2011
End of submission of Extended Abstract October 31st 2011