Scientific Programme

The technical sessions include both oral and poster presentations. Inclusion of both oral and poster presentations in the final progamme is subject to the 10IKC receiving the required final short and long abstracts by the deadline of 31st October, 2011 and the presenter having paid the full registration fee. Each presenting author would be allotted a maximum of either one oral and one poster or two poster presentations. The decision of the programme committee in allotting oral or presentation to the authors is final. Each oral presentation would be of fifteen minutes duration followed by five minutes for discussion and Change over. Posters may be installed, and viewed, from 10am on Monday, the 6th February 2012 to 5pm on Saturday, the 11th February, 2012.

The final programme with time slots allotted to the authors for oral presentations will be posted to the website on or before1st December, 2011 along with the notification of third circular. Following points may be noted regarding the technical sessions:

  • There would be fourteen technical sessions in four and half days covering ~ 27 hours of presentation.
  • There will be no special talks or key-note addresses.

Conference Themes

Both oral and poster presentations are grouped into seven themes in order of the programme. These themes reflect current and future academic and industrial interest.

1. Origin, evolution and emplacement of kimberlites and related rocks
2. Petrology and geochemistry of metasomatised lithospheric mantle magmas
3. Target selection, kimberlite geology & diamond exploration
4. Cratonic roots
5. Diamond: origin, mineralogy, geochemistry.
6. Economics of diamond mining and sustainable developments
7. Policies and governance of diamond exploration

Note: Programme themes are subject to change.


The poster will be on display all week. Posters should be installed from 10am on Sunday June 6TH February, 2012 and removed on Friday June 11th February, 2012 between 4 and 5pm. The 10-IKC will not be responsible for posters left up after this time. All persons presenting posters are encouraged to submit full manuscript for the conference proceedings. Each poster space will be a poster board with dimensions of 1.5m horizontal and 1.5m vertical. The method of attachment is push pins.


The main oral presentation will be fifteen minutes in length, plus as additional five minutes for discussion. Each presenting author is limited to one oral and one poster or two poster presentations.

As in past conferences it is required that all persons giving an oral presentation should provide a full manuscript for the conference proceedings.

Digital or computer-based presentations must be compiled in Microsoft Powerpoint on an IBM-compatible PC.

It will not be possible to use personal laptop computers.